Learn and practice

I learned a lot in school, yes, compared to what I know and thought I know 6 months ago. I learned to properly hold a knife, learned what are the mother sauces, learned to baked classic genoise and many other cooking terms that I still have a hard time pronouncing. But to put everything I read in the book, chapter by chapter, that I have some issues on. Who doesn’t? It seems very tough when you have so many things to read and then for some reason it doesn’t stick to your brain. It only stick through hands-on, at least for me.

I know that I have been very lazy to try the recipes we cooked at school. I kind of tried to make espagnole, the base for my brown gravy, but it turned out really bad. I think I put a lot of flour in it. If I remembered correctly, the only thing I seriously try to make this semester was chocolate chip cookie. And that wasn’t great. A 10 year old can make better than that.

Soup and Sauce is a very interesting class, Baking basics is my favorite although I hate kneading and whisking, Purchasing class is a must in every aspiring chef. I may put a lot of time in Purchasing because of its math content but that doesn’t mean I favor to learn one than the other. But these classes aren’t easy as I thought. It takes a lot of courage, discipline and patience to survive on these class. I really need to practice. Practice is learning.


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