A day in Lincoln Nebraska

This is my first time to visit Lincoln, Nebraska. If it wasn’t for Purchasing class -Sysco tour, I may forgot that this place existed. Lincoln is the capital city of Nebraska but the city is smaller than Omaha. It is the home of university’s football team, Nebraska Cornhuskers, which I couldn’t care less.

My husband took a vacation so that he can drive me to Lincoln. I don’t trust myself driving that far and I’m scared that I will get lost in the middle of nowhere. After the 3 hour tour, my husband bought pizza at Valentino’s. I didn’t eat because I already eat my lunch in Sysco. We both decided to stay for awhile and stroll around the city. I’m glad we did because there are a lot of beautiful tourist attractions in Lincoln. My favorite spot there is the University of Lincoln Nebraska. It is very big and wide. The school buildings are old and have very beautiful architecture. I didn’t have the chance to take picture of the school because we were driving but we stopped for a minute and took picture of a ring formed sculpture of some sort. Our second stop is in Pioneer’s park nature center. I would say this park is the most beautiful public park I’ve been to so far. Most of the pictures above are from there. It is only 6 miles away from the city and the trip is worth it. The place is very huge and there are so many things to do and go. We stopped in the Nature Center where they have this children’s museum and old little prairie houses. And for the first time, I saw a real buffalo. God, they are so gigantic and hairy (and did I say yummy?lol)

It was a long and short day in Lincoln. Long because of the tour and short because I want to visit more places other than parks. I also want to eat at one of the local restaurants and maybe stay there for a day or two.


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