The seeds and the hint of spring

It’s already spring but it still feels like winter. You really can’t trust Nebraska weather. Sometimes we hit 70 degrees and then tomorrow we have snow. Really unpredictable. The thing that sucks is that I don’t wear my coat anymore. So everytime I go home from work, I’m all freeze out.

Just this late afternoon I decided to plant my vegetable seeds in the small cardboard pots. It was nice to stay outside with its 60 degree weather. I don’t want to waste this beautiful day. The reason why I put my seeds in the small pots is that I haven’t build my raised bed garden yet. Well, I’m just waiting for my husband to build it. We’re going to use used woods we found in our shed. Speaking of our shed, last Sunday, when we were cleaning it, we found a dead cat under the table. I found it first. I thought I saw a stuffed toy covered with dust, but when I looked closely, it was a dead cat! I freaked out so hard I ran and didn’t come back. I hate and I’m scared of cats. It also looks so creepy. My husband said that he saw whiskers and the cat doesn’t have a stomach. Maybe it’s been there for who knows how many years. I think that the cat was locked and starved to death. I really don’t want to know, I just want that corpse out of our shed. Anyhow, I’m going to drop most of the stuff we found in our shed into recycle area (definitely not the dead cat).

I hope that this weather will be better soon. And I hope that there is no snow coming. I want to see the spring sprung, literally.


3 thoughts on “The seeds and the hint of spring

  1. I planted some stuff this past weekend, 3 strawberry small pots for the kids then some chive, parsley, and basil. I have some rosemary to but I cheated and got some that was already grown. I want to plant more too like oregano and maybe some dill but we will see. I like the idea of the raised garden but I know my dog would eat it. I am stuck with what I can put in a pot in the front of my house. Good luck, I’d like to see it when it is built.

    Sorry to hear about finding the cat, yuck.

  2. ala kalingaw, nagbuhat najud kag garden. saludo nako nimo for organic gardening. maski tomatoes lingaw na ba. and the second photo is divine (divine?) haha. very nice focus.

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