Beef Yakitori (beef trimmings)

With this unpredictable cold weather, I thought that grilling outside would help my cravings for grilled barbecue beef eased a little. And it did. I asked my husband to grill this delicious looking beef trimmings I got from Wal-mart (yes, wal-mart, don’t asked). When I first saw the beef, I thought of marinating it, put it on the skewer and grill it. Just like yakitori. I never have an actual yakitori, but I heard that it’s like anything skewerd in general, may it be poultry, meat or vegetables. It’s like asian version of kabob. So yes, even though my husband doesn’t want to grill because other than he hates the weather, he also hates our cheap charcoal grill. He can’t wait to get rid of it and buy a new bigger one. I can’t agree more.

The taste was good especially if you pair it with rice and a side or spicy hot soy sauce. My husband didn’t like it though, not because he thinks that beef trimmings are gross but because of the charcoal-ish flavor. As usual, I feel the opposite way. I love it. I may not share the recipe here because it’s just basically anything you want to put. I marinate it with soy sauce, vinegar, pepper, garlic and onion powder, and sugar for 3 hours and then screw it and grill it. While grilling, brush it with a mixture of oyster, chili and soy sauce (not enough sodium, eh?) I like salty food but I don’t eat this kind of food often because I’m watching what I eat now (finally).


3 thoughts on “Beef Yakitori (beef trimmings)

  1. Looks great, we loved getting yakitori when we were in Japan. It is anything on the stick, there are some that are just chicken fat and skin (not my favorite!). I am all for anything that can be eaten on a stick. My husband got a new grill last year and it has both, a charcoal side as well as a gas side. There is also a part you can get for it that can hook up a smoker to it. I am thinking that is going to be a Father’s Day gift this year. I miss not having you in any of my classes!

    • oh i miss you too! we can’t wait to buy a new grill this year. I realized I like grilled stuff. lol. Oh I would love to try that chicken fat and skin, maybe it’s not that bad.

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