project le jardin

Today is the first day of setting up my soon to be vegetable garden. I’ve been thinking about planting vegetables since we moved in to our new house last year but I didn’t have the chance. But this year I will make sure that this plan or project of mine will be fruitful and hopefully successful.

So I set up a schedule that every Monday it will be a Garden Day. Well, its my day off that’s why I have the luxury to actually do something productive aside from cleaning the house and doing the laundry. It is something to look forward to and something to accomplish besides school and work. It’s basically serve like a self outlet for me. Just like cooking, planting also relaxes me down and it’s also a hobby of mine that was long forgotten. But I’m taking it back and give myself a chance to show that I can finish something I started. I guess by sharing this, I am now accountable. I shared this on purpose.

Let’s see whose gonna eat fresh and sweet strawberries by the end of summer?


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