Pork Belly Adobo with bok choy

If someone asked me what is my food specialty, I would say adobo. Probably because it is so easy to make and I have master it over the years. I have a lot of version of adobo, from liquidy to really really dry, salty sour-ish to sweet, and adding any type of spices or even vegetables in it. It varies time to time depending on my mood at that moment. No one needs a recipe when cooking adobo, as long as you have soy sauce, vinegar, black peppercorns, garlic and bay leaf, you’re fine. I know this recipe by heart just like I know how to cook rice without measuring the water (I’ve been cooking rice since I was 7).

Personally, I love pork adobo than chicken or seafood adobo. And guess what’s my favorite part of the pig? Pork belly. Certainly, pork belly adobo is like heaven, a comfort food that eases my pain and brighten up my mood. Oh how I love those skin, fat and meat altogether dancing in my mouth giving different types of flavors. Meaty, jelly-ish, fatty…those kind of stuff I adore. I know that fat is bad, I mean literally fat from the pig is bad but it’s my weakness. People with highblood pressure shouldn’t eat this and I’m lucky I don’t have one…yet. I don’t eat this often though because my husband, as picky as he is, doesn’t like any nasty, unused animal parts (like ears, snouts and pig’s feet). And trust me, I’ve been trying to make him eat those.

I cooked adobo with bok choy to add greens and I also added boiled eggs so that my husband can at least eat the eggs. As for the recipe, I can’t put it here because it’s always different how I make it. As long as you have those 5 ingredients I mentioned above, it will be called adobo. It’s more of a stir-fry and stewing method of cooking.


5 thoughts on “Pork Belly Adobo with bok choy

    • I don’t know the right or exact measurement for this. But if you search adobo recipe in google, most of the information there are right, you just have to add something in it, depending on your taste.

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