Culinary Competition: First Day

After a long, tiresome, nerve-racking, life changing, Iron Chef Metro competition, here I am managing to join the main culinary competition team, the team Nebraska. I have no idea what I am up to this time. I’ve been thinking about it since the first time I know about the competition. I talked to the coach team, Chef O’malley and he’s very supportive about it. Unlike him, my employer doesn’t want me to join any extra curricular activities in school. I won’t say any bad things about my work place because I love working there. All I’m saying is that they want me to focus in my job-no request days off, no tardiness, and most of all they want me to gain skills and speed behind the stove. I understand that. But they have to know that I’m the one who make decisions for myself, not them.

My first day was a little bit boring. I came to school at 6 am (I really hated the fact that its too early but oh well). I met some of the team members and so far, they are nice towards me. The first thing I did was folding the towels. Not bad. And then all of us went outside to ballet, it’s their exercise routine, I guess. It was freakin’ cold. I’m the only one wearing gloves and coat and the rest, they wore chef coat. What can I say? Nebraskans. I wish I could stand the cold like them. Anyhow, I served as a commis (assistant) of one of the team members. He is a pastry student and he joined the team last week. I have no idea what were doing but I’m sure I will figure it out later. Like I said I was a bit bored because I don’t know what else to do. I guess that’s the challenge of joining the team. I still don’t know where to stand and what I do. I think they’re going to put me in the cold platter since new comers usually go in that particular area.

the hardest thing to do is leaving your comfort zone, but you have to let go of the life you’re familiar with and take the risk to live the life you dream about.

One thought on “Culinary Competition: First Day


    well that’s how it starts. just a little sacrifice…and you’re on your way to reach your stars.

    favorite na jud nimo nang quote ha. hehe

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