Definitely we won!

No we didn’t as far as technicality is concern. But if you asked me, I would say, yeah, definitely. The experience itself is quite amazing that you wouldn’t think its a competition. The fact that we joined the competition is already an achievement for me because it takes a lot of courage to join and compete with all these talented students. I think all of us deserves to be winners. We did great.

But still, I wish we won. I wish we have a lot of time to prepare and think what dish we are going to serve. And I wish I can choose the region I’m going to compete in (absolutely Asian pork). But we have no choice but to get the New Orleans shrimp since that’s the last one left, and we are the last group to join in. Now, what do we do with the shrimp?

We first came up with barbecue shrimp new orleans style but we realized that it’s not as tasty as we expected it to be and the sauce is watery. So we end up with shrimp remoulade. Think of chip and dip, its kind of like that. The dish is very simple, has nothing with it. Just the shrimp and the remoulade sauce. And that’s where I got scared and I think that’s why we didn’t win. It’s too simple and laid back. What do you expect with an appetizer? I would say the rest of the contestants (except us) have all these over the top artsy dishes that I have no idea what it is. I felt so ignorant.

But you know what its our first time. At least I know what its like to be in a competition. I’ve learned a lot. I made new friends. Some of the Chef instructors kind of recognizes me now (they call me by my name). I get to know my partner, William and our commis Pedro, who keep calling me rich (in spanish, rica means rich). We have a lot of fun. If you asked me if I want to join next year, My answer is I don’t know. It’s not that I’m scared, it’s just that I still need to work on with my skills. And if I join, I will definitely choose the Asian cuisine. No need to ask why.


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