Thoughts about Metro Iron Chef Competition

Yes, I joined a cooking competition. What was I thinking? I can’t believe I have the guts to join such competition. To think this is my first semester as a first year Culinary Art student, and here I am challenging myself as if I have something special to show.

The teachers are very nice. They didn’t have this are-you-really-seriously-going to join-the-competition type of look. Sure, they maybe strict but they show full trust and believe that the students can show their exceptional abilities in their own fields. And this, I am scared.

I am scared because I might violate things or ruined the entire show. I have fear of losing but why join in the first place? Maybe because I want to measure myself of how high I can fly and to be out of my comfort zone. Or maybe I have some deeper reasons. I don’t know. All I know is that there is a desire within me that I want to do something. Maybe that’s why I decided to join or even go to culinary school for that matter.

The competition is four days from now and I still don’t have any idea what to do with our dish and what to expect in the event. Well, I expected 100 people to come and then what? I think I should really stop worrying here. It drives me nuts.

Whether we win or not, I think what matters is that we show competitiveness and full effort in what we’re doing. My partner and I take this thing very seriously (like literally serious) and we are really into this. We want this. We want to win. But winning is not everything but the will to win is.


4 thoughts on “Thoughts about Metro Iron Chef Competition

  1. I am so proud of both of you guys for trying this out this first quarter. I am sure you will do great! I wish I had the confidence to do it!

  2. wow good job kang! GO for it. take risks. gamble. get out of the box and show them what you got. as you’ve said, it’s not about winning.. it’s about having the will to win. 🙂

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