Gold mountain restaurant

Our class assignment is to visit a local restaurant and take photos with yourself and the food. I think its a brilliant idea  because I like taking pictures of the food every time I visit a restaurant. I like to know and remember what I ate in that restaurant and how my experience was.

Gold mountain restaurant is a chinese/cantonese type of restaurant. It has a variety of menus covering from chinese-american dishes to dimsum. I had a hard time picking what I’m going to eat because there’s just so many of them. But finally I decided to pick steamed egg custard bun, steamed shrimp and pork dumpling and chicken feet with black bean soup. My favorite is of course the chicken feet.  It has a gelatinous, sweet and spicy flavor. It’s very soft that the cartilage fall from the bone and I think that’s the best part of it (my husband don’t understand why). If the feet is awesome delicious, the black bean soup or the sauce has a perfect savory flavor. I like dipping my custard bun in that soup. The custard bun is sweet and tasty while the shrimp and pork dumpling is not something I would really eat. The meat is too compact that it’s hard to chew, and it’s also makes me think that it’s a fake meat or something. My husband loves it though for some reason. Over all, my experience in that restaurant is almost great if not with the canned sprite that they gave me. I just think its weird and I can’t have a refill (seriously?) but other than that everything is fine. I still recommend this place to everyone who like to eat “authentic” chinese food, and definitely, I would love to go back there to try again their chicken feet and noodles.


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