Yes Chef!

Yesterday was my first class for Culinary Foundation. It was great and overwhelming. I would say one of the longest days I’ve had. I met my new classmates and of course our Chef Instructors. I can see that my classmates are supportive and there’s a lot of cooperation in the class, especially in the lab. The same with our Chef Instructors. I first met Chef O’donnell in the parking lot. Well, I was too early, like an hour early and I asked him where I could find the FOC/ICA building, and he said it’s in south campus. I think he didn’t understand what I’ve said, but when I told him I’m taking culinary foundation, he said its in this building. It’s funny because I didn’t know he’s going to be my Chef instructor. I was also surprise when I learned that Chef Combs is half-filipino. It’s so rare to find a Filipino chef especially in Omaha! I was happy to know that and relieved that I’m not the only Filipino in the campus.

In our lecture, they handed the syllabus and some papers. We discussed about kitchen safety, knife skills, introduction to cooking and eggs. It was a long lecture. I learned that the fire extinguisher is always near the exit door or front door. It makes sense because if there’s a fire, you can run to the exit and get the fire extinguisher. I also learned on how to properly use the knife, how to prevent from cutting yourself, and the difference between honing and sharpening. Next is our laboratory class. I love it! I like how Chef O’donnell said that you went to Culinary School to cook, not to write or read books all semester. Laboratory class is the most important part of the subject because it’s where you learn more about the “technicality” of cooking and meeting the lab objectives. They will teach you the right way to cook professionally like getting rid of your bad habits in the kitchen. I still believe that through time, practice and dedication, you will achieve that great skills of cooking and we all know that the time we spend in culinary school for two years is not enough to achieve that. That’s why I am applying what I learned in school at home and in my workplace.


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