Just another day off

Do you plan on what to do on your day off? I do. But when my day off comes, I absolutely ignore all my plans. I just stayed at home and do some house chores, watch movies, and surfing the internet all day long. That is not what I imagined to do before that day. I imagined taking the dogs in the park, cook a delicious meal for my husband, study culinary fundamentals, read bourdain’s book, practice digital photography, write a blog and do the laundry. But of course I don’t do all of those things. Maybe cooking a meal for my husband and do the laundry but that’s it. Why is it so hard to follow your to do list? Why even bother to plan when you can’t even stand up and eat? Maybe a day off should be a day to relax and do nothing. But when I do that, I feel very guilty of not doing anything because I know I have to do something. I have to accomplish something so that by the end of the day, I can say that I didn’t waste my time eating doritos while watching Dear John.
I woke up earlier today. Probably around 6 am. I surf the net for an hour and then I ate chocolate pop tarts. After that I took some still life photos in my kitchen. Not bad to start my day. And then here I am blogging about it. Yay for the two check marks on my to do list! Four more list and I will be at ease. Never mind the laundry, I’ll do that later this week.


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