MAJA BLANCA (filipino dessert)

One of my most favorite dessert is maja blanca. Maja blanca is like a jello version although it is way tastier. My mother used to cook this during special occasion. It is not like my mother’s  but it turned out really good. My sister-in-law actually loves this stuff but my husband hates it. He doesn’t like coconut milk. Anyway, maja blanca is very easy to make but it takes some time to master it.  I always have a problem flipping it over just like a jello. So I just let it stay in the container and sprinkle raisins and cheddar cheese on top.

2 liters of coconut milk

240 grams of white sugar
400 grams of corn kernels
150ml of condensed milk
370ml evaporated milk
200 grams of corn starch


In a pot, add 1.25 liters of coconut milk, white sugar, condensed milk, evaporated milk, corn kernels.
Stir mixture and bring to boil
Prepare the thickener by mixing the corn starch and 750ml of coconut milk together
Once boiling, add the thickener to the mixture
Continue stirring until mixed together,
Transfer to a holding tray
Flatten out the mixture by shaking the tray and level with a spatula or knife
Sprinkle some raisins and cube cheddar cheese. Let it cool in room temperature. Serve and enjoy!

recipe via torontofilipino.


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